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An Island of Possibilities with Structural Concepts


Established in 1972, Structural Concepts is a leading innovator of temperature-controlled food display cases for retail operators. Their pioneering, award-winning technology sets the standard for unmatched ease of operation, longer life, and stronger performance - providing operators with dramatically increased sales and reduced operating expenses. This innovative engineering and dedication to industry-leading research and development results in one-of-a-kind technologies that you’ll only find with Structural Concepts.

Easily create refrigerated impulse sites throughout your store with Structural Concepts mobile Oasis® Island units!

Retailers love the versatility and the ability to merchandise everything from featured promo items to fresh packaged meats. Convenient meal solutions are becoming a staple for today’s shoppers. Optimize your space and re-engineer your layout with shopping habits in mind. Open grab & go walk-around refrigerated island cases can be merchandised with a complete meal at your fingertips. 

Simple & Easy

An easy-to-use toggle switch communicates with the controller to automatically yield desired case temperatures. 


The slide-out refrigeration system provides complete and easy access to all components for efficient maintenance and service, no tools required. 


Clean Sweep® automatic condenser coil cleaner is available as an option. This electronically controlled brush mechanism automatically cleans dust and debris from the condenser coil daily!


High Performance

Air flow design and deck perforations provide a consistent and balanced temperature range throughout the product area. 


A display height of 8-1/4” provides additional capacity with exceptional visibility and easy customer access. 


Breeze™ with EnergyWise self-contained refrigeration provides dependable consistent product temperature.



Adjustable temperature settings allow you to easily vary case temperatures between 38°F (red meat) to 40°F to provide the right environment for your products. 


Freezer units are also available.


Structural Concepts’ air discharge design features a small heated insulated glass top panel and acrylic plenum to create a durable and permanent air chute. 


Locking casters provide easy mobility.



A special corrosion resistant pre-coat is applied before the paint to protect surfaces from harsh cleaners and product juices.


All internal components are easily removed for cleaning. 


Plug and play mobile design allows your display to be moved wherever it is needed in your store.

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