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The Lantern Haus is known in my area for being a bar with a great atmosphere and hosting fantastic events. When everything shut down, they were suddenly unable to do business as usual (or at all, really) and had to make a sharp right turn. The owner, Aubrey Jacknow, spent a few minutes telling me how they have continued to thrive in the middle of this pandemic.


1. How has your business changed over the last two months?

We went from projecting our busiest month to not being able to sell anything out of our business overnight. We are a bar with an event space, so when the announcement came that bars and restaurants were to close, we weren't sure what we were going to do. We do not serve food, so we are not allowed to sell any kind of alcohol. 


2. What has been your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is focusing on keeping the momentum going that we ha e built after this is all over. We are very aware that the landscape will completely change, and we are shifting our business model to allow more private rentals of the bar (first floor with a beer garden) as well as continuing to rent out our second floor event space.


3. Tell us something good that has happened!

We needed business to go on, so we decided to offer a service normally reserved just for our event space for delivery. Custom balloon garlands are an add on item for events in our bar and Loft, and we started doing contact-free delivery and outdoor installations to help celebrate birthdays! It has been amazing and you can find out more here:


Click the link above to order balloons from The Lantern Haus!

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